#SummerofDad Week 6: 5 Ways This Dad Keeps His Dad Bod

IMG_20150623_090024Suddenly being thrust into the world of primary parenting for a 1-year-old means that I haven’t been as physically active as I like to be. In the old days (read: before Gabe), I liked to workout 3-4 times a week. More recently, I’ve been aiming for a workout 2-3 times a week.

But as I’ve taken over many more hours of parenting and we’ve started our epic, nomadic summer, I haven’t “worked out” once in the past week (ed note: Ha, once in the past week? That’s probably what we moms aim for much of the time!). This seems like it would be a disaster for maintaining my dad-ly physique. But, as I’ve found, it’s not. I’ve been able to keep my sort-of-in-shape bod with five major toddler-based exercises:

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What’s She Doing Wednesday: Father’s Day Art and More!

Blog Post WSDW 6.24.15Thanks for bearing with me while the blog was down last week. It was up and running yesterday so I’m catching up a little bit. Lots has been going on the past week. But, certain “other” details will follow in another post, for particular reasons…

Anyway so this week has been pretty fun with Jia. Things we’ve noticed: Continue reading

Technical Difficulties on the Blog this Week…

Gah! So sorry, but we are experiencing some technical difficulties with our dashboard this week! I’m going out of town tomorrow (6/25) for one of my close friend’s weddings, so I’ll take care of this when I return and will immediately post WSDW 6/24 and #SummerofDad when the issue is resolved. 

Thanks for understanding! 

#SummerofDad Week 4: Travel, News, and Food

IMG_8833This week marks the first week of ten weeks of travel, as we’re now on the road in Philadelphia. It also marks the first week of mostly primary parenting. I say “mostly” because my wife will still be helping out a ton, as will her parents for about a week, and of course the legions of babysitters across the land that will hang out with him. But I’ll be the primary, as Jenny is working on a bunch of really cool projects both on the phone with her agents and directors, and on the ground.

Speaking of which, we just found out that we’ll be covering a new piece of ground, as she was selected for another development project, this one in Chicago. The only time available to do it was the two weeks between our time in Waterford, CT and Seattle, WA—which is exactly where it fits! So now we’ll be doing four playwriting development series in four states (but with only one toddler, thank god). Holy logistics, Batman.

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What’s She Doing Wednesday: “Bye Daddy”

Blog Post WSDW 6.18.15

So this picture has nothing to do with the title of this blog post, but Kyle (#SummerofDad) and his family met up with us in Baltimore for a little short visit to the Baltimore National Aquarium and I just love this picture! We are near the jellyfish sculptures where the Dolphin Experience is housed and the lighting was perfect… and I had to get a photo with these two little babies together, meeting for the first time! Aren’t they cute?

So I am posting a little late – time has really gotten away from me these last two days. I could’ve started writing a few days ago, which would’ve been in the best interest of time considering at any given day I may not get the chance to write up a post. But I didn’t.

Very exciting/busy/stressful/confusing/overwhelming things happening over here! I had an interview yesterday with Chamberlain College of Nursing, for a position as a Visiting Professor. I met with the Dean of Faculty and the President of the nursing school. Both were so nice and welcoming, and I wowed them enough that today I got a call from the recruiter and found out I got the job! So that starts the second week of July. The first couple months they just need someone to fill in with their nursing simulation lab working on health assessments for the nursing students and then after Labor Day, I’ll lead my own group of nursing students throughout an 8-week course on inpatient units taking care of patients. Yay, teaching baby nurses! Continue reading

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