The Circumcision Decision

MC_3OK, so I found myself watching Sharknado and Malibu Shark Attack and realized – “oh, I should seriously be writing my blog post right now!” I think that since I missed out on all the Shark Week stuff on TV, I feel the need to watch poorly acted and awful special effects featuring some human-hungry attack sharks.

Moving on…

My friend Chrystelle asked me to write a post about the “rules” of circumcision after a friend was told by her son’s pediatrician that she either had to have her son circumcised the week they were born (while still at the hospital) or at 6 months old (ouch, poor baby!) with a urologist, but nowhere in between.

Plus, I wanted to do a research post about what the current evidence says about whether or not it’s indicated to circumcise in the developed world.

For new parents, this post could help answer questions such as: Why is it done? What are the risks? Benefits? Is it really necessary?

I recall a debate on the topic while studying public health (particularly in my “Reproductive Health in Sub-Saharan Africa” course) and then again in nursing school. I think I remember reading that in the United States and other developed countries, the question of hygiene and transmission of STD’s weren’t as big of a concern so therefore it was no longer necessary, but I really couldn’t quite remember what the definitive answer was: yay or nay on the snip snip?

So here we go!

(Throughout this post, I will be referring to UpToDate a lot. UpToDate is a physician and healthcare provider’s software reference tool, that is the most current and kept “up to date” with current medical journals, expert opinion, and evidence-based practice recommendations. The information on UpToDate is not social or popular “opinion,” it is official and sound medical evidence and reference. It is THE go-to resource at all hospitals, and is literally, as current and absolutely up to date as possible. I was having difficulty in finding really good evidence-based articles for this post, so one of my friends who is a Nurse Practitioner hooked me up with some articles with her access from UpToDate. Thanks Heather!) UpToDate references used in this post will be available at the end of this post.

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#SummerofDad Week 9: Food & Fun Games

IMG_20150721_081455We’re now wrapping up our last week at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, or as I’ve come to know it: our seaside mansion escape. Our stay has been wonderful and I’m somewhat concerned that Gabe will go into withdrawal, as the energetic, gregarious extrovert won’t have dozens of people to wave and smile at or have rolling lawns to frolic upon. But considering we—as in only Gabe and dad—are going up to visit the Grandparents in Maine, I’m sure we’ll get by. (I will now try to stop ending my sentences with prepositions.)

Next week we begin the next big travel phase, where Jenny flies to Chicago for a week and we go to Maine. This marks the first time ever that Gabe and Jenny will be apart for more than 24 hours. As I said before, it will be a learning experience for all of us. Gabe will learn to get by without Jenny, Jenny without Gabe, me without Jenny—lots of learning! But I think it will be overall beneficial. I’m glad she’s getting to go take advantage of her professional opportunities, but we will definitely miss her when she’s gone and we look forward to picking her up at the airport!

In any case, that’s for next week. This week, nothing “exciting” happened, unlike last week. (Update from last week: The dermabond has finally fallen off and the cut is healing well. I forgot how small the actual cut is.) Other than trying to keep his cut covered and out of the sun, there were some fun and interesting moments:

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What’s She Doing Wednesday: Some Big News & A Swift Recap

IMG_8969Yeah I know, I skipped a WSDW post and that usually doesn’t happen, because it doesn’t take much energy to write them. But, let me tell you – if you knew what kind of craziness we have been dealing with other the past 4 weeks, you would totally understand. So I’ll tell you -


By “(back)” I really mean “I” am moving back, because I’m the only one out of this nuclear family who’s actually lived in CA, and I did for four years. After college, I went to UCLA for my MPH and then went to get my Master’s in Nursing at the University of San Diego, so I lived down there for two years. Never had I ever planned on leaving CA  until I met Jeff. I actually daydreamed of moving back to the DC area, because I had been away from it for so long. But, after relocating back to DC, I wanted to be back.  Continue reading

#SummerofDad Week 8: Gabe’s Summer Souvenir

IMG_20150709_191606One of the main American stereotypes about fathers it that we’re more lenient, allow kids-will-be-kids mischief, and generally have a “light touch” when we’re parenting. There are definitely times when this is true of me, but there are others where I’m less lenient and Jenny is more hands-off. So it depends on the activity or issues at hand. And I enjoy that this nuance is true of our relationship and our parenting styles—I find it complementary (though it can lead to friction and disagreements). So, one thing I hate is when something happens to make it appear that I’m playing to the barely-vigilant American father stereotype. And something did happen.

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#SummerofDad Week 7: Playgrounds, Perceptions, and Travel Updates

unnamedThis past week I’ve gained some perspective on parenting through our travels, but not because of the traveling per se, but because of the environments where I’ve taken Gabe. In the last week we’ve been in two places: on the lovely grounds of the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center and in inner-city Philadelphia. Continue reading

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