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Child CPR (Age 1 to Puberty) and Relief of Choking

Blog Post 3.28.15 Child CPR Cover newThis post is to address choking and unresponsiveness in CHILDREN 1 YEAR AND UP only. If your infant is unresponsive or you need instruction to relieve choking in infants, please review Infant CPR and Choking.

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Basic Life Support Terms for Children



These types of posts are the most important ones I will ever write.

I choose to write posts like these (Infant CPR/Choking & Child CPR/Choking) because it is so important that we have the necessary skills for our kids thrive in a safe and healthy environment. That means being prepared for the worst.

You can do your best to read up on how to install your carseat properly and learn what shouldn’t be allowed with the carseat (aftermarket pillows/strap covers/body supports/seat protectors), how to properly check your baby’s temperature in event of a fever, feeding organic whenever possible, using eco-friendly products, fully vaccinate them so they are equipped with the best possible immune system to ward off threatening illnesses, or even buy the coolest stroller with all the bells and whistles. But what’s most important? Keeping them alive. Continue reading

Infant CPR & Choking

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I figured after a few weeks of fun posts like diaper bags and baby goodies, I would publish one on a more serious note.

Recently, one of my friends from nursing school posted on Facebook about how she just performed the Heimlich maneuver on her choking toddler, who accidentally swallowed a screw. Now, Heather is a really attentive and caring mom (who is also an ICU nurse) so I figured well if this can happen to her, it can happen to anyone!

I myself am not sure I would be able to witness my baby choking or cardiac arrest without completely losing it, so I figured I would brush up on my infant CPR and guidelines in response to choking and share them on Little Sproutings. After all, my Basic Life Support (BLS) certification online training has expired, so I need to review it for work anyway. Plus, if anything, readers can familiarize themselves with an overview so they can try on their own if they are ever put in this scary position, instead of freak out and call 911, resulting in delayed treatment. 

So here goes… (the below information is what I have learned from through my own BLS certification) Continue reading

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