Blog Post 12.28.15 Day 2 of 3 dayToday has been a bit less traumatizing. I write that with a big headache (as I wait for the Excedrin to kick in), since today I’ve been holding my own pee and forgetting about hydrating myself, haha. How appropriate! 

The method doesn’t change from Day 1 to Day 2. Same ol’ same ol’. Don’t leave the house, don’t ask “do you  need to go potty?” (though we are guilty of throwing this phrase in on accident, a couple times), offer rewards for successful potty visits, keep a close eye on your child, keep them busy right next to you, and slather on a good healthy heaping of positivity, praise, and love. 


3 genuine real pees in the toilet! (many little visits to the potty when we thought her underpants were damp and we were hoping to avoid a puddle on the floor, but these three were full on stream-pees) 

1 genuine real big poop in the toilet!

A lot of the time, she feels the front of her underpants checking and saying “still dry!” (like we do, but this doesn’t necessarily mean much for her… we’ve found that she likes to say this before she dribbles, and the photo posted for this blog post was right as she was grabbing her butt because she was starting to poop. But sometimes she does check it, just to check.)

Our wood floors from the living room to the bathroom are getting very clean with every Swiffer run! 

“Failures”: (though I don’t consider them failures)

Woke up for the day with an entirely wet bed (including her favorite blanket)

Peed and soaked the bed during nap time 

When she and daddy flushed the potty after she peed her first big pee of the day, she accidentally flushed her favorite orange pacifier. Womp womp…

We “anticipated” her need to pee too much, when we felt her underpants slightly damp in a small small spot and rushed her to the potty only for her to tell us she was “all done.” This meant she wasn’t fully feeling that sensation when she needed to actually go for real, so we plowed needlessly through about 2 extra sets of underpants. 

Video recap of Day 2: