Blog Post SoDW2-two

This week will be a short post, as Dad is (mostly) getting the week off.

Jenny, Gabe and I are in Austin—sunny, wonderful Austin—where Jenny and I first met, where I was born and raised, and where my parents still live. It’s also where we’ll be going to a good friend’s wedding. So this week is not too heavy on the #SummerofDad childcare front, as Dad has back-up in the form of energetic and eager grandparents who don’t live close to their grandkid—score! So they’re still excited to not only see him, but to help out with everyday tasks such as naptimes and feedings and diapers—double score! And they’ll take him on night of said wedding, which means we’ll basically have a built-in fancy date among friends—need I say it?—triple score!

This is a much-needed calm before the upcoming storm of both primary parenting and travel. Really, the first couple weeks of #SoD were just a warm-up for July and August, which will be a festival of oil-and-water that is toddler childcare and travel. To wit: first we’re in Philly, then in Upstate New York, then back to Philly, then up to Connecticut, then back to Philly, then back up to Connecticut again—and that’s just the last two weeks of June and the first two weeks of July. Sounds fun, right? And easy to remember, right? I’m just hoping I’m in the right city on the right day with the right family most of the time.

But having time during the day to just hang out with the kiddo and my wife at some of our old haunts is good fun. It also throws into relief just how un-kid-friendly some of these places really were/are. It’s like each coffee shop is trying to one-up each other for more open-wall sockets, dingy corners, and crud on the floor. Not that I can really complain. It’s part of what I love about Austin and the Keep-Austin-Weird ethos.

So needless to say I’m enjoying my time in Austin with both families and the friends that I can see between various obligations. Leaving town will be tough. It’s really nice to have the extra few hours of help each day so I can write, work out, relax—whatever. I’m very jealous of anyone who’s lucky enough to live near family. If you do, enjoy it and be thankful!

Stay tuned for my first Saturday Sprouting post tomorrow June 6th, addressing tips for traveling with your infant/toddler!