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1 Month (20 Meals) of Yumbox Daycare Meals!

IMG_9683 yumbox blog cover photoYup, this Saturday’s a fun one!

No research articles, no checking statistical integrity or inclusion criteria for control and intervention groups to formulate a conclusion, today! And I know it’s been a while since I actually published a *new* Saturday post, but with a sick toddler, I’ve had my fair share of distractions.

After getting slightly burned out by the time- and brain capacity- intensive Saturday Sproutings posts, it’s time to take a break and post about something I have been learning to adjust to, as Jia’s new routine is full time daycare for 8-9 hours a day:


Nope, I’m not a gym rat referring to some uber healthy meal prep that involves a ton of brown rice, lean meats, veggies, and plastic ziploc containers, I’m talking about daycare meals. Continue reading

What’s She Doing (the day after) Wednesday


So it’s Thursday. I could’ve skipped this week but instead I felt I should post this week, since I got some good pictures of Jia playing with chalk and then at daycare. At least, in my opinion (and lack of photog skills), they’re “good”! 

This week we’ve been still trying to adjust to daycare. She’s eating really well at lunch and snacks, showing all the kids that she can scarf down corn while the others weren’t interested (Mama pat on the back!), and she’s having a little fun now. The teachers try to take photos when they can, and so far all the pictures of Jia have her two lions clutched in her little fists for comfort. She’s painted, played with cornstarch mush stuff, gone on the 8-kid buggy ride a couple of times, and seems to be bonding with some of the teachers! Other things: Continue reading

What’s She Doing Wednesday: First Day!

WSDW 9.2.15 First DayToday (Tuesday) was Jia’s first day of daycare. A momentous, emotional, milestone day. Lots of babies head off to day care at around 3 months old, but Jia’s start came at 18 months and 16 days. We’d gotten pretty comfortable with our time together, just the two of us after daddy went off to work in the mornings, but with our move west came what was only a matter of time.  Continue reading

#SummerofDad Week Three: Unexpected Events

Blog Post SOD Week Three

The third week has brought some unexpected, but mostly good, developments. We were supposed to travel back to Baltimore earlier this week after staying with my family, but the night before our flight Gabe came down with some sort of illness. Jenny and I jumped into family-planning-logistical-mode (oh, the fun), and we quickly set up a doctor’s appointment for the next morning, called our pediatrician’s answering service, discussed changing our travel itinerary, and madly Googled his vague symptoms.

He had a fever and was irritable, but no other body systems seemed to be an issue. Was it teething? He is pushing out a molar. Was it an ear infection? He was grabbing at his ear, but he does that when he’s tired. Was it some awful, rare thing, like a twist in his intestinal tract? He was grabbing his tummy and rolling around a lot. After a dose of infant Tylenol and a lot of shushing and cooing, he finally fell asleep. He awoke at night several times with more discomfort, but when I awoke in the morning (at 0830!) he was lying in our bed between Jenny and I smiling up a storm like nothing had ever happened—like the previous night was some hallucination on our part.

Continue reading

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