WSDW 4.22.15 BubblesThis week has been a fun one, here’s a little recap:

  • Bubble Baby: After going to her first kiddie birthday party with a little container of bubbles in her goodie bag, she’s been so entranced when I blow them for her, but she either wanted to blow them herself (which she wouldn’t, she would just put the wand in her mouth after dipping it into the solution) or she wanted to play with more pretty bubbles. So we got a bubble fan machine for her and she is so happy and entertained! 
  • Camera-Ready! This was by far the most entertaining discovery this week! We were at the playground at the outlet shopping center near our house and wanted to take pictures of Jia and Jeff since they were wearing matching Orioles gear. Jeff was holding Jia and I held up my phone, counting “1…2…3!” and she knows to plaster this huge excited enthusiastic smile, it’s the cutest thing ever! Such a huge smile that you can count all 10 of her teeth! haha… I love this!
  • She loves walking – Never really crawls unless she’s climbing on the playground equipment. She squeals with excitement as she runs and is being chased by us or she goes back and forth from Jeff and me, showing us twigs, flowers, leaves, anything she finds that interests her. She’s just such a happy baby! We’re so lucky :) 
  • My little eater is getting a bit better! Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on whole wheat, even scrambled eggs with smoked salmon are going well so far. Her favorite cheese so far is goat cheese (takes after her mama), she’ll eat chunks and chunks of it by itself. She likes hummus with little pieces of pita bread. Loves Boston Market’s meatloaf (doesn’t like my homemade meatloaf… sigh) and their lemony garlicky spinach. Still into homemade sweet potatoes, which I prefer her to eat since they’re purely seasoned with unsalted butter and cinnamon. I also mashed cooked cheesy cauliflower for scrambled eggs and she did well with those, too.
  • Naps are still 1 hour 15 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes. It changes day to day, with no predicting which it’ll be. Jia still goes to bed at about 7:30/7:45 PM, we are now waking up at 6:45-7:15 AM (boy do I miss the days she slept in until 8 AM or even 8:30 AM!) and takes one nap at 11:30 AM until about 12:45/1 PM.
  • Stridin’ Rite! We got her first pair of rubber soled shoes! She’d been wearing a pair of Robeez that her Gran got for her for Easter and put some good yardage in with them. Then we’ve noticed she is getting much better at walking, so we took our trip to Stride Rite and got her some pink sparkly Mary Jane sneaker-shoes on sale for $29.99. Those suckers cost around $40-42 a pair at Stride Rite! Anyway I love them, she loves to wear them and walk around everywhere now!
  • Got her first boo-boo. We were walking outside before her nap and she took a little stumble to her hands and knees but since she was on the slight downslope on the driveway, she tipped head-first when she propped herself on her hands to get up. She was tough and cried for about 10 seconds but didn’t like when I cleaned up her scrape and put cold triple antibiotic ointment on. She forgot about it pretty fast. 
  • She is getting very mom-attached. She used to let Jeff play with her in the morning after waking up. But, now she makes a bee-line to our bedroom door to find me and is an unhappy camper if he doesn’t let her into the room. No more sleeping in an extra 45 minutes while Jeff plays with her, it’s go-time right from the start! 
  • Where’s the Milk?? She’s starting to tug at my shirt and play with the clips of my nursing tops before feedings. Uh oh… Hahaha… 

Mom Thoughts:

  • I really need to figure out this weaning situation. After a year your breastmilk isn’t quite as rich with nutrients (or that’s what I remember learning), so I want to research into this topic. How does the nutritional content of breastmilk change after your baby is 1 year old? 
  • A sales person at this olive oil and balsamic vinegar shop mentioned how goat’s milk is easier on toddlers’ tummies than cow’s milk (she studied dietetics in college like me), when weaning from breastmilk. This means less constipation since the cow’s milk proteins are smaller = easier digestion. Want to look into this, too. 
  • The job situation – I’m interviewing today for a visiting professor position at a school of nursing, for a part time spot. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime I am really hoping to hear back from our pediatrician’s office for a part-time position as a pediatric nurse. That would be the best thing, I would love to just immerse myself in everything peds-related so that I’d have pediatricians and their pediatric scientific journals at my disposal! 


Cheesing for the camera like a happy little girl!

Cheesing for the camera like a happy little girl!

WSDW 4.22.15

This picture was taken right before she fell on her face

This picture was taken right before she fell on her face

Cruisin' around the house

Cruisin’ around the house

WSDW 4.22.15 pics 4

I'll catch you!

I’ll catch you!

Couldn't find Kona in the house til I found him in Jia's room snoozing on Jia's blanket

Couldn’t find Kona in the house til I found him in Jia’s room snoozing on Jia’s blanket