IMG_8977Sheesh. I’m pooped. After moderating the comments from my last post and my Facebook Page, I think I’m taking a break on intense controversial topics! I had no idea that the topic of circumcision was going to ignite such a fierce and aggressive crowd, I went into it thinking I was writing a lighthearted informative post. The positive is that it resulted in higher traffic to the blog, but geez, I’m mentally worn out. Next topic will be my look into VBAC’s (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).

I was considering writing about Placentophagy (the practice of eating the placenta after delivery, for the claims of aiding in postpartum healing, mood, and energy levels), but realizing that that too, is a controversial topic for me to deal with right now, I will save that for another (much later) time.

So right now we are less than 2 weeks away from the big move. I’m stressed. Like really stressed. There’s no way around it. Jeff thinks I shouldn’t be stressed but I think he’s not being realistic. He got mad at me earlier in this process saying that we shouldn’t be moving if I’m going to be stressed out about it. HA! I mean, what move ISN’T stressful? Our in-town move last year, 20 miles from our condo with a 5 month old was stressful! How would a 3000+ mile move cross country manage to be not stressful? Men. They always find a way to be so casual about things. Grrrrr, hate that! haha… 

So this week, here’s what I’ve noticed about Jia:

  • Her godmother Laura got her the Tobbles toy you see pictured above. From her 1st birthday (when she received them) up until today, she only knocked it over when we stacked them up. Today (Tuesday 7/28/15) was the first time she stacked them herself. She even listened as I told her which color to stack next.
  • Her favorite part about stacking the Tobbles: When she’d knock them over with her foot, I would collapse on the floor and squeal, as if the toppling Tobbles knocked me over with them, and she would crack up in laughter!
  • Says “OUTSIDE!??” and “MILK-A!” (asking for milk)
  • Doesn’t want bananas. Or really anything. She’s going through a refusal to eat, but will eat an entire gallon of MILK-A if I let her. 
  • I’m trying to get her used to eating out of her Yumbox. She’s gotten really good with learning how to pop open her FOOGO water bottle, and she knows how to close it but doesn’t push down hard enough. Working on it.
  • We’re past using the footed pajamas. It’s so cute watching her toddle around the house in her little pug pajamas. Sadly, I got them in a 12 month size when I was still pregnant, and she’s just about outgrown the pants (they’re high-waters now). The next size in PJ’s I have for her are 2T and it’ll be a while before she’s in those I think.
  • Asks for “dada?” all the time in the mornings, then wanders around looking for me, looking in each room excitedly as she bounces around with her lion and pacifier. 
  • Gently kisses and pets the pugs. But, we just started noticing she’s back to pulling on poor Kona’s tail, which irritates the crap out of him. 
  • Says “Mei Mei?” when she sees her walk into her bedroom, sees my laptop desktop picture of Mei Mei, and when we say “Where’s KoKo (for Kona)?” she looks around and points to him. 
  • In the bathtub, she takes out her rubber ducks (finally she’s playing with them!) and lines them up on the bath tub edge. I ask her “which is the daddy duck?” (she points to the standard duck) “Where’s Mommy duck?” (she points to the girly one with a tiara and a pink/purple tutu) “Where’s Jia duck?” and she looks around, peers into her bath tub toy basket and pulls out the tiny pink duck. 
  • Butterfly Butterfly? One of her favorite books (it’s been a favorite since she turned 12 months, with no refusal in between) is from god mommy Megan, called Butterfly Butterfly. The first page reads, “One day Lucy found a beautiful butterfly. She played with it and chased it all around the garden.” and the next page, “But the next day, Lucy couldn’t find the butterfly anywhere!” to which Jia puts her hands palms up on each side as if to say “where did it go?”
  • I just noticed this today, but when I was singing in the car, Jia started “singing” along with me. 
  • Oh help me now – She’s being iffy on naps. The part of the day I look forward to is when she will nap for her 1-1.5 hours so I can either nap myself, get packing done around the house, catch up on my trash/trash reality tv, do chores, or prep meals. But lately, the little booger has been skipping about half of her naps then getting exhausted at 4 PM. Why don’t you set her nap for later and see how she does? You may ask… tried that. Still didn’t nap.


  • When she gets upset, has a tantrum, or just clings to me, I’m really starting to cherish those cuddles and hugs. I’m really going to miss her when she’s in daycare. I have a little over a month before she’s gone 5 days a week. But I know it’ll be good for her. 
  • Sleepsack vs. No Sleepsack? Jia really loves her fleece traditional sleepsack. There are times when I take her out of the crib after a nap and she’s still sleepy. She’ll pull her sleepsack right back over her feet. She’s standing up in her crib (not trying to climb), but when I’ve tried her with a footed sack-style blanket, she doesn’t sleep as well. My thought is, what’s going to happen when Jia goes to daycare, will they put her in a sleepsack? Probably. I’ll have to ask. 

OK that’s it, I’m tired! (How many weeks in a row have I closed a WSDW post like this? Too many to count, I think)