WSDW 4.1.15 PeekabooAs usual, here’s what she’s doing this week:

  • As she lay on her changing pad, I found out that she knows how to play peekaboo now! She’ll cover her eyes with her fingers, smiling, then I’ll say “Where’s Jia?!!” and she quickly moves her hands away and laughs. 
  • Meet me at the Carwash – I was getting us ready to go to the park one afternoon and as I carried her around the kitchen, she spotted Jeff’s bottle brush (he uses for sports bottles and such) so I gave it to her. I put her on the floor and she started “cleaning” out the cup holders on her car. 
  • Bubble Baby – We went to Axel’s 2nd birthday party and in her party favor bag was a small bottle of bubbles with a tiny little bubble wand (among many other really awesome trinkets!). We knew she loved bubbles because there was a little bubble machine at the party, so we started blowing bubbles with it. The next day, she walked over to her bubbles and I said “here, bring them to me!” and she walked over to me, carrying the bubbles (that’s pretty impressive, too!). Then, after watching me dip the wand into the bubbles, she wanted to take over. So, she took the wand from me and tried dipping it in herself. Only thing is, she put the wand into her mouth instead of blowing through it, ha. After about a dozen times demonstrating how to blow on it, she did once (no bubbles though)! 
  • If you start laughing at something (or someone, the tv, etc) she starts laughing.
  • She really follows my gaze. I looked at the ceiling while in thought, and I noticed she looked up at the ceiling then looked back at me smiling. I know this one sounds pretty insignificant but I mean, I find it very very amusing. 
  • If she hears clapping on TV (I was watching Dancing with the Stars and when the audience started clapping) she claps. 
  • She can blow a kiss (partially)! When you blow a kiss to her, she puts her hand up to her mouth and smiles, but just doesn’t have the “release” part of the blowing a kiss down yet. 
  • Buckle Up! Whenever she’s placed in her carseat, climbs into her toy car if she wants to go for a ride, or is seated in her kitchen table booster chair, she tries to put click her seatbelts together. 
  • At the end of bath time, Jia started putting her bath toys away in the toy organizer. 
  • Winky Blinky – When she was watching the shapes blink in Little Baby Bum’s Shapes Song (click video below), she would squint and blink her eyes just like the shapes. It’s so cute!!! Picture at the bottom! 

My Thoughts:

Aside from the fickle mealtimes when I’m the one feeding her (she eats very well with her Gran or dad), I really love this age. She’s starting to have a sense of humor all of her own, she’s really enthusiastic about walking so she tries to do it a lot now, and she’s getting to that stage where I can really watch her take in her surroundings. Sensory discovery through a toddler’s expressions and babbling is really precious :) 


WSDW 4.1.15 Peekaboo2

She’s off!

WSDW 4.1.15 Peekaboo3


WSDW 4.1.15 Peekaboo4


Touching lots of fun stuff in the yard

Touching lots of fun stuff in the yard