So it’s Thursday. I could’ve skipped this week but instead I felt I should post this week, since I got some good pictures of Jia playing with chalk and then at daycare. At least, in my opinion (and lack of photog skills), they’re “good”! 

This week we’ve been still trying to adjust to daycare. She’s eating really well at lunch and snacks, showing all the kids that she can scarf down corn while the others weren’t interested (Mama pat on the back!), and she’s having a little fun now. The teachers try to take photos when they can, and so far all the pictures of Jia have her two lions clutched in her little fists for comfort. She’s painted, played with cornstarch mush stuff, gone on the 8-kid buggy ride a couple of times, and seems to be bonding with some of the teachers! Other things:

  • She’s NAPPING (Yes! At daycare!!!). She’s been napping anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 17 minutes. Yes, I’m being very specific about that 1 hour and 17 minute nap, because that has been her longest one since she started at daycare, and that’s just as long as her naps are at home! So even without darkening shades, white noise, a sleep sack, and 73 degrees, she’s still napping. It was funny, one day when she only napped 35 minutes, I asked her as we drove home, “Jia, how come you didn’t want to nap at daycare today?” She said “HOT!” Daycare isn’t air conditioned so it can get pretty warm. They keep fans going at all times, and according to Miss Crystal, Jia and her classmate Connor are the “sweaty” ones, so they aim the fans at the two of them when they’re napping haha… Like mother AND father, like daughter! 
  • Lagging Lucy. Whenever kids get picked up from daycare before her, she gets very upset. Connor is usually the first kid to go home (according to one of Jia’s teachers) and when his dad came to pick him up at 3:30 PM, Jia started panicking and crying for her daddy. So, Connor gave Jia kisses to make her feel better… and Miss April said she started to calm down! 
  • Picture day was this week. We tried to dress her in a cute little comfy cotton sun dress, but it got splotched with paint before she could get photographed in it. But, we had a couple changes of clothes stashed away in her cubby, so they supposedly got her all cleaned up for a couple of serious-faced photos! Haha… 
  • She loves LOVES sushi! We went to Kai Sushi Sports Bar last weekend as a family and she kept popping her mouth wide open whenever Jeff was giving her avocado, eel, sushi rice w/seaweed, salmon, almost anything! 
  • Putting together a lot more sentences, with 3 words. 
  • Smoked salmon. One of her current favorites. She scarfs this down too, which is a relief. I’m glad there’s a decent amount of high protein choices she’ll happily eat! Between salmon, hard boiled egg, turkey, baked fish, and black beans, we’re good!
  • Since the kids are taught to push in their little toddler chairs at the table at daycare, she gets very adamant about pushing in her tiny chair to the coffee table at home.  n
  • No bib at home. Since she has no bib at daycare, we’re not doing a bib at home, either. She’s actually doing really well with it, I think she eats better without a bib because she knows there’s no bib to catch her mistakes. I love the progress daycare makes with these little things, helping them become a little bit more independent! 

Now for the photos!


When she realized I could draw Mickey, she demands I draw Mickey any time we are coloring or drawing







Not a very clear picture (I thought it was when I took it) but her wandering around her room at school


I was sneaking around taking photos of her when I came to pick her up, trying to catch her playing before she noticed me.


She is always so excited when I come to take her home, so here she is with her spunk back, trying to collect the “pink ball” she found outside, to return to the infant room.

That’s all, let’s hope I can get it together for a post this Saturday! I’ll be writing about Infant Botulism… because I have honey at home and I can take a good picture of honey ha.