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Jennifer Marali Taylor created LittleSproutings.com to serve as a platform for the discussion of pregnancy, pediatric, and related public health issues and concerns.
Throughout her own pregnancy and (now) early stages as a mom, she has found it challenging to find the perfect blend of sound medical advice and first-hand mom experiences and even product recommendations.

Easter Sneeze

Jia (at 2 months) and Mommy

Jeni has found that having the right products, support, and the most informative approach can make a huge impact in easing the transition to life as a new mom. Her hope is that by combining her experiences with both her clinical and public health perspectives and by researching topics that parents really ought to know about, you may find something that helps you along your journey as well!

Jeni first became interested in the health and well-being of mommies and babies during her time working with The Special Supplemental Programs for Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) during and after college. She spent many months promoting breastfeeding, healthy food choices, baby wearing and baby bonding and has loved every minute of it.

She carried this interest throughout her post-graduate studies at UCLA and since the arrival of her baby girl Jia in February of 2014, her interest in babies has become quite the (healthy) obsession! Jeni is passionate about taking care of people, promoting healthy lifestyles, educating through correction of health misinformation, and is now especially excited about all things baby!

Jeni earned her MSN in Clinical Science from University of San Diego (interesting to note, she NEVER pictured herself a pediatric nurse!), her MPH in Community Health Sciences from UCLA, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from Purdue University. Prior to becoming a mom, Jeni worked full-time as an ICU nurse at the wonderful Virginia Hospital Center surrounded by an amazing group of compassionate, competent, and loving coworkers. Before working as a nurse, she worked at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Maternal Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Programs where she designed initiatives to promote healthy habits for LA County’s underserved families.

Little Sproutings’ health posts will always be written with you in mind. Sometimes technical jargon is necessary but Jeni will try hard to make sure that these things are explained in a way that is easily understood. She will always do her best in finding the most thorough, legitimate, and peer-reviewed evidence-based research/information to back up what you hear in the media and in the doctor’s office. Often, the purpose of writing these posts is to educate the writer at the same time as educating you, the reader!

Jeni, her husband Jeff and baby girl Jia recently moved to Torrance, CA from the DC Metro Area with their two puggie children Kona and Mei-Linh.

About Family

Our Family (Jia at 13 mos)

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