This week’s post is going to be a lot of pictures. I caught a cold this last weekend so I really want to drink a hot cup of tea and watch Fargo with Jeff and then hit the hay as I’m recuperating, plus I have to have some energy for our outing to the Los Angeles Zoo tomorrow. We’re meeting up with my friend (and one of our bridesmaids) Berry and her 2 year old Maddie. 

Things I’ve noted this week:

  • She’s Mommy Role-Playing. She started noticing this barbie-type doll that my friend Michelle bought Jia from a Kickstarter campaign a couple years ago and named her “Princess Anna” after learning the name from her Frozen stickers and my trying to get her into the movie by playing the music in the background etc. So tonight, she was actually holding her doll against her chest and shushing it, then she was spinning around in the living room holding “Princess Anna” by the hands playing the “Dizzy Game” that she and I play when I twirl her in the air. My translation is, she’s being a mommy to her doll, and since she loves the Dizzy Game, she’s sharing it with Anna, too. 
  • Nursery Rhyming and Hand Gestures: Oh when songs come on YouTube or we start singing them during a diaper change, she is so excited to show me how she knows the accompanying hand movements and gestures! Some of them are from: 
    • Happy and you know it (clap your hands/stomp your feet)
    • Wheels on the Bus
    • Itsy Bitsy Spider
    • “Reach up high, touch the sky. Touch down low” – not really a rhyme but she knows this for some reason
    • Mary had a little lamb
    • Head, shoulders knees and toes (including eyes and ears and mouth and nose, head shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes!)
    • Her entire ABC’s – This one is really adorable. If we start singing the ABC song and start out with A, B, C, D, E, F, G and trail off, she’ll complete the rest of the ABC’s. She doesn’t enunciate them perfectly but she knows a good number of them. 
  • She can sing a tune. I’m not joking. There’s a song in LilBabyBum – the Shapes Song where little cartoon shapes have big googly eyes blinking and their shapes are sung. When I sing it with her, she repeats the shape after me and hits the correct note. =) 
  • Mommy Swing. At the playground she’ll insist that if she’s in the swing that I swing beside her on the big kid swing. She’ll get really upset if I don’t. So I oblige, and when she starts to slow down of course I pop right up and push her higher so I can get back to my swing. 
  • She’s matching colors and placing items in their respective categories. An example is a winding ball tower that her Gran bought her a long time ago – it has an orange ramp, blue ramp, and green ramp, one leading into the next color. She was taking the orange balls and only sending them down the orange ramp and only sending blue balls down the blue ramp etc. 

Ok that’s it. More pictures! 












a near-identical grin that her mommy had as a baby




Where’s the Airplane? (Points)




“Princess Anna climb…. see saw… see saw”